03 September 2018

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Corrado Roma sports hall

the  sports hall “Pala Roma”, venue for sports meetings, artistic events and pop concerts (1.5 km away);

The  sports hall “Corrado Roma”, abbreviated as PalaRoma, is the great Arena di Montesilvano (PE).

The PalaRoma was built around 1998. On December 19, 2004, the sports hall in via Settimo Torinese was named in memory of Corrado Roma, a soccer player and coach in five in A1, but also a capable businessman and exemplary father.

In Montesilvano the PalaRoma is not the only covered structure, but it is certainly the most important for the municipality, but also for the region, but above all for the Italian futsal. In 2011 the UEFA Futsal Cup finals were held in this arena, won by Montesilvano Ca5 against the very strong Sporting Club de Portugal.

The PalaRoma is a facility entirely dedicated to futsal (or 5-a-side football), with its side tribunes that can accommodate an audience typical of major events.

The parquet of the pitch is perfect; it is possible to use indoor and outdoor play shoes with the same effectiveness. Escape routes make the race safe, safeguarding the safety of the players on the field.

The structure is equipped with a bar, which welcomes guests and makes the stay at the sports facility more enjoyable.

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