03 September 2018

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Stadio Adriatico Giovanni Cornacchia

the “Stadio Adriatico” (in nearby Pescara), where sport matches of every discipline and concerts of pop / rock music (at 8 km) are held;

The Stadio Adriatico Giovanni Cornacchia is the main stadium of the city of Pescara, inaugurated in 1955. The plant was born as a polyvalent structure and is a center of CONI. The structure is mainly for football (there are the matches of Pescara) and athletics.

The stadium, located in the Portanuova district and renovated in 2009, was the main venue of the Mediterranean Games, hosted in Pescara for their sixteenth edition. He has hosted several matches of the Italian national football team and was selected as a reserve stadium for the 1990 World Cup. He also hosted several matches of the 1960 Olympics in Rome.

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